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Gesundheitsregion Grafschaft Bentheim

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Since 2015 the district Grafschaft Bentheim is officially recognised as a Health Region (Gesundheitsregion). The main goal of the funding program by the state of Niedersachsen is to strengthen the network of actors in the health sector on a local level. Additionally funds are used not only for building the Gesundheitsregion but also to support selected projects on a regional level. 

Support for the development of the Gesundheitsregion also comes from the association of public health insurance Niedersachsen, the AOK Niedersachsen, der medical association Niedersachsen, the Ersatzkassen, the BKK-Landesverband and the IKK classic.

The district supports the Gesundheitsregion through the coordinating office at the health department.


The Gesundheitsregion has three main goals in order to optimise the provision of local health services:


To grow up and develop healthy ...

We want our children to grow up in an healthy environment from the start on. Therefore the promotion of a healthy lifestyle especially of younger people is of particular interest to us. The motto "Grow up and develop healthy in the Gesundheitsregion Grafschaft Bentheim" is a guidance for developing schemes to improve the physical and psychological health of citizens in the Grafschaft Bentheim. The main focus of the projects is on healthy nutrition and on mental health of children and young people.


Medically well supplied ...

In the future medical and nursing care need to be ensured especially in the rural areas. Innovative projects and actions contribute to taking up the demographical challenge. Special attention is payed to the supply of general practioners in rural areas as well as hospice and palliative care.


Grow old healthy ...

A further goal of the Gesundheitsregion Grafschaft Bentheim is "Grow old healthy and be cared for". The focus is on improving the nursing situation of elderly people and on preventive healthcare for seniors. A general mobility and a self-determined life need to be preserved as long as possible. One priority is the medical condition dementia. Finally the Gesundheitsregion is aiming at improving the interlocking of the various health and support services for elderly people.